Spin Class HLAC-1015

  1. How has learning about and applying “lifelong wellness” concepts impacted your life (home, school, work, etc.)?

Learning about and applying lifelong wellness has truly impacted my life. I started my personal health journey four years ago, but since taking classes that encompass health and wellness, I have truly been able to apply it to my every day life. Since taking spin class, I have learned to love cardio which I never have before. It went from a chore, to something I learned to enjoy. Health and wellness impacts all aspects of my life, especially with school because my course of study is exercise science, and my job involves that as well.

  1. Discuss specific lifelong wellness concepts leanred in this course and how you are going to implement the in your life.


I learned a lot about goals in this class and that has helped me in my every day life. I have implemented both short and long term goals to help keep me on track to achieve my goals. By doing so this has really helped me in my health and fitness goals.


  1. General ideas for improving the course?

Absolutely nothing. The course itself was really fun and so was the professor. I went into this class not expecting to learn anything and I actually learned a lot. Great class.



An app that I used throughout this class that really helped me was MyMacros+. On the weekdays I count my macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and this app made it so easy to do so. The app made it extremely easy to enter in the quantity of food I was eating and also gave information on the macronutrients and micronutrients. I especially used this app for the 7 day nutrition log and it was really easy for me to save all of my data and go back into it to see what I was eating. I think that this app is really great for anyone who likes to watch what they eat, count their macros, meal prep, or they just need a little kick start into eating healthy.